International Montessori School of Albania has been a Montessori-accredited school since 2007. We are the first Montessori-accredited school in Tirana.

What does it mean to be Montessori-accredited?

Montessori accreditation is the highest level of recognition a Montessori school can achieve, and a visible indicator of the school’s ethos and quality of practices. The accreditation process is one of quality assurance. Independent, third-party organisations undertake assessments, and a school will only receive the accreditation if they effectively and consistently follow authentic Montessori practices.

We are extremely proud to be a Montessori-accredited school and to have Montessori-accredited teachers. Our teachers undergo a training program that includes practical experience in a Montessori classroom, and an assessment. To become accredited, they must show a deep understanding and commitment to genuine Montessori techniques such as the ‘prepared environment' and 'freedom within limits.’

At International Montessori School of Albania, our teachers’ enthusiasm and passion for the Montessori method enables them to engage even our youngest learners, nurturing them at their most critical development stage. This builds their confidence, reinforces their understanding of the world, and prepares them for further studies.

Why is it important that my child’s school is Montessori accredited?

The Montessori teaching style is extremely popular and often parents actively look for a Montessori school. Unfortunately, this means that some schools call themselves a ‘Montessori school’ without embedding their teaching techniques in authentic Montessori practices. With no regulation around the term ‘Montessori school’, it can be extremely hard for parents to gauge the quality and authenticity of the school’s teachings. This problem grows along with the popularity of the Montessori method.

Sadly, this can mean that children don’t get the experience that their parents want or expect. Many parents do extensive of research before choosing a school so it's heartbreaking when they think their child is getting an authentic experience, and they’re not. Montessori accreditation is a surefire way to know that your child is being educated in the true Montessori method.

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