We've produced these short videos to show you some of the ways students at International Montessori School of Albania enjoy an authentic Montessori experience. This child-centred approach promotes confidence and self believe to encourage a life-long love of learning.

The Montessori Prepared Environment

Learn about why the Montessori classroom is referred to as 'the prepared environment' and why this deeply considered environment is beneficial to our young students.

Montessori and Cubes

Learn why cubes are an important tool in the Montessori curriculum, setting the foundation for a solid understanding of mathamatics in children as young as four.


Teaching children respect for themselves and others is central to the Montessori philosophy and the team at International Montessori School of Albania. Learn more about how we give and receive respect in our nursery.

The Montessori Work Rug

More than just a rug. Find out how important the humble rug is in the authentic Montessori curriculum. When it's used correctly, a rug is a tool to support a child's independence and development and to provide support and comfort.