...a deeply reflective practice that encourages children to contemplate their journey and accomplishments...

During these 17 years at IMSA, we have celebrated many beautiful “Trips around the sun”.

In Montessori, birthdays are symbolic journeys of marking the passage of time and the child's growth throughout the year.

That is why we consider them as opportunities for profound learning and celebration.

Rooted in Maria Montessori's cosmic education, the Trip Around the Sun ritual is a metaphorical voyage that reflects the Earth's orbit around the sun. In our Montessori classrooms, children gather to commemorate each birthday by walking around a small model of the sun, representing one complete orbit. As they walk, they reflect on the experiences, achievements, and personal growth they've encountered during the past year.

The Trip Around the Sun ceremony is more than just a symbolic walk; it's a deeply reflective practice that encourages children to contemplate their journey and accomplishments. Teachers facilitate discussions where students share memories, milestones, and goals for the future. Through this process, children develop a sense of self-awareness and appreciation for their individual progress.

Fjorda ShijakuPrincipal

During the Trip Around the Sun ceremony, educators seamlessly integrate scientific concepts related to astronomy and the solar system. Children learn about the Earth's rotation, the concept of orbits, and the significance of the sun as the center of our solar system. This cosmic perspective fosters a sense of wonder and curiosity about the universe.

The Trip Around the Sun ceremony becomes a moment of collective celebration, where the entire Montessori community comes together to honor the birthday child. Through shared expressions of gratitude and kindness, children learn the importance of empathy, friendship, and inclusivity.

Trip around the sun ceremony

As children take their annual journey around the sun, they not only mark the passage of time but also embark on a profound voyage of self-discovery, guided by the wisdom of Maria Montessori.